" good luck mrs malèna... "

musique " Passeggiata In paese " Ennio Morricone

histoire : fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mal%C3%A8na

" Au printemps 1940, Mussolini a déclaré la guerre à la France et au Royaume-Uni. La ville (fictive) de Castelcutò (en Sicile) est en liesse. Renato Amoroso, un garçon de treize ans, est heureux pour d'autres raisons. Il vient de recevoir sa première bicyclette et de tomber sous le charme de Malèna, une ravissante veuve de guerre qui fait tourner la tête à tous les hommes du village et attire la haine des épouses jalouses. Renato, littéralement envoûté, la suit partout avec son vélo. Mais Malèna est victime des refoulements et des convoitises des habitants de Castelcutò. Le petit garçon va trouver le moyen de l'aider, et grâce à elle, il apprendra les leçons de la vie.... "


The film begins in Sicily in 1940 during World War II just as Italy enters the war. A young boy, 12-year old Renato, experiences three major events in one day: First, Italy goes to war, second, he gets a new bike, and third, he first sees the beautiful lady, Malena. Malena's husband, Nino Scordia, has been taken away to fight in Africa and Malena is left alone with her father, an elderly and almost-deaf man. Malena tries to cope with her loneliness, as the town she has moved to tries to deal with this beautiful woman who gets the attention of all the local men, including Renato. However, in spite of the gossip, she continues to be faithful to her husband. Renato becomes obsessed with Malena and starts fantasizing about her. His fantasies become increasingly elaborate and he becomes obsessed with the shy young woman, peeping in her window often as she waits sadly for her beloved husband to return. Renato eventually steals Malena's underwear and begins to fantasize about her in bed, to the horror of his parents. They do everything to stop his behavior, but it is all in vain.

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