A film by Ruby Kato Attwood and Derrick Belcham

The Young Woman / Vocals: Ruby Kato Attwood
Music written by Alaska B, Performed by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

"Titan and Dione: Saturn Returns" chronicles a moment of lucid futurity in a young woman's life. Recounting the destruction of her home planet in haunting libretto, she splits, unable to resist gravity, drawn inexplicably into the orbits of two of Saturn's largest moons.

"Influenced by myodesopsia and other entoptic phenomenon as much as by experimental film, the oscillation between recognition and optical illusion drives the emotional tension forward in this short piece. Allowing a moment of reflection to define the characters was inspired by the Japanese concept of Maa, or emptiness, as interpreted for cinema by master animator Hayao Miyazaki. - Ruby Kato Attwood


Commissioned by Film POP and SEND + RECEIVE for the EVP Project, September / October 2013
Copyright 2013


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