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Here you're surrounded with foliage of all kinds, from the spiny cacti of desert regions to the most exotic flowers oftropical climates. The courtyards, tiled patios, greenhouse, arbor-shaded walks and fountains, and the fern-covered waterfall accented with orchids create the ideal background for any special event.

A wisteria-covered arbor on the Tea Garden Patio provides a sublime location for ceremonies. Baskets swelling over with fuchsias and impatiens in the warmer tones of pastel pink and white hang overhead. The adjacent Pepper Tree Patio shaded by a large and delicate-leafed pepper tree, is a lovely spot for serving beverages and hors d-oeuvres.

For indoor receptions/events, Sherman Gardens offers the Central Patio Room, a vintage space with a cathedral ceiling, gray wood beams and skylights. A large white-brick fireplace and terra-cotta tiled floors create a warm and cozy atmosphere. On warm evenings you can open the french doors that line two sides and let your party overflow onto the covered terrace. It's not surprising that Sherman Gardens has become a sought-after location for weddings and private parties; even those with a green thumb will be impressed with this little piece of paradise.

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