LaDonna was born and raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex under strong Pentecostal indoctrination. While homeless in Dallas as a young child, she experienced the crucial needs of
the homeless community; sparking a desire to help others. She began volunteering at the early age of seven and has continued to dedicate her life to the service of others.
She was first exposed to the world outside her evangelical bubble at the age of 24 and soon came to realize she had been misinformed. As her doubts grew, and her eyes were further
opened, she soon adopted a humanist worldview and embraced her Atheism.
LaDonna continued to volunteer for many of the religious organizations that helped her along the way as a child. But as an atheist, she felt compelled to hide a part of herself and did not
feel complete in the works she provided. She, along with three others, founded DFW Atheists Helping the Homeless in 2012. A place where she not only fulfilled a sense of duty to the
homeless, but could feel good about her works as well. LaDonna is so pleased to offer like-minded people the same volunteer opportunities for which she had so longed.

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