Short film by Jim Hope about the love of the ocean through the eyes of Sean Ziehm-Stephen - Hebridean surfer and ocean wanderer.
Jubilee is the last surviving example of a sgoth Niseach - Ness type skiff - that participated in the once prosperous Hebridean line fishing industry.
Sean Grew up in the waters surrounding the Hebridean Islands in the far north of Scotland. His childhood was spent sailing and fishing in traditional boats which inspired water based adventures around the world.
Since moving back to the Hebrides he has become immersed in the surf.
Music: Colin Macleod and Jim Hope
Many Thanks to everyone who helped out with production - especially the fine folks at Falmadair - the North Lewis Maritime Society -which is a charitable organisation established in 2005 to promote the maritime heritage of northern Lewis and improve access to leisure sailing.
Falmadair is also responsible for supporting and maintaining Jubilee (SY233), a 28 foot wooden boat that is the last surviving example of a sgoth Niseach (Ness type skiff) originally built for line fishing in the Outer Hebrides
To find out more about the traditional hebridean boats visit

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