So was born,

in the cold Berlin underground the Brand Gabrielladeplano created by the young fashion designer from Turin, Italy.

Harmony it's the result of the combination of 'Made in Italy' and the Nordic modern simplicity.


A style that borns from the essence of a piece of fabric and that becomes the extension of the body wearing it.

No design on paper but draping directly on the fabric.

In her Atelièr, the designer draws and patiently creates and sews all clothes, generating a fusion of tailoring aspect

sensitivity, and high-quality fabrics.

Like the Japanese designers, Gabriella is interested in the development of new materials.

A modern minimalism inspired by the traditional Japanese dress that respects the body and serves it rather than abuse it.

Soft textures and oversized silhouettes, built but elastic and comfortable.

Natural colors and striking lines create visible contrasts of fabrics and shapes.

Integrity, purity and clarity.


She removes the structure and gets to the essence,for a decoration obtained through the shape.

Refraction tissue, full and empty, precious assemblies and shape's games, transformisms.

Look for the best possible quality in terms of ideas and implementation, without ever spectacle, that's the

Philosophy of Gabrielladeplano.

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