Female Demand and Runaway Sun are the musical guests. Audience of One is J.R. Cohen, general manager of the Forbes and NY Times acclaimed lounge/coffee bar thecoffeegroundz.com

The hour-long show features performances by the bands and in-depth interviews with hosts Dan Workwan and Rosa Guerrero.

Female Demand is a duo that takes a different approach to the term "band". Their music broadcasts a complex, intricate wave of sound to be received by the ears. Their minimalist style of rock is both ambient and reminiscent of an instrumental Devo.


Runaway Sun's debut EP garnered them a Best Blues nomination in the 2009 Houston Press Music Awards and a slot at an official showcase at SXSW playing alongside GRAMMY nominee Diane Birch. The band moonlights as one of Houston's top do-gooders - playing a myriad of local charity events, including Walk Now for Autism and Empty Bowls Houston. Runaway Sun recently released their 10-song LP The Bridge.


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