Open Producer Anthony L'Huillier, collaborates with time-lapse master Travis Hague in the heart of outback South Australia. Together they've created a film of epic proportions that celebrates Australia's haunting landscape and starscape.

By day Travis Hague is pest controller - he exterminates bugs for a living.

By night he transforms himself into a master photographer/cameraman who creates elaborate motion time-lapse sequences that are undeniably gob-smacking.

For kicks Travis goes out into the surrounding desert around Roxby Downs to shoot time-lapse sequence for six hours at a time. In fact whenever Travis gets a chance he films these sequences and admits to being obsessed with their visual possibilities. He loves the visual effect of compressing time and the patterns and movement that occur because of the 'time bending'.

Take one look at his footage and you can see why he's got the filmmaker's bug.

Travis has a remarkable combination of technical wizardry with an artful disposition.

What most impressed me was that he was self-taught.

Through trial and error and trawling the internet for technical and 'how to' tutorials, Travis has taught himself time-lapse. He goes back to reshoot a shot if he doesn't like it and anyone who is willing to return multiple times to get a better shot is number one in my books. That's how I learnt to shoot and the deep learning curve of repetition is invaluable for any filmmaker.

Travis even blew me away with the way he shot footage while we were together. While shooting sequences Travis would talk the entire time while adjusting his camera and motion rig. He talked in great detail about cameras settings, exposures, shutter speeds, ISOs, lenses, RAW vs JPEG, intervalometers, the limitations of various DSLRs, editing software and workflows and what was the best time of the year to film The Milky Way.

It wasn't 'I read it on the internet' stuff, it was real knowledge through real application.

Impressive stuff. As is his footage.

This film has 27,000 pieces of media with a mind-bending workflow in post production to uphold image quality. The edit was very complicated - which is a lot coming from me - but it was a very satisfying challenge.

The ultimate satisfaction of my job is when I meet a contributor who is a fellow filmmaker who also wants to push the envelope to create better content. It is even better when you learn something from that contributor and there is an exchange of ideas and techniques.

I have to thank Travis for teaching me things about filmmaking I did not know. Awesome.

This film will showcase on the 7.30 Report SA this Friday, 27th September.

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