Take a look as Emgee makes the song on camera for his fans,with a beat by Mr.Fix.It.While editing the video aswell.
Claim The Streets By Emgee Produced By Mr Fix It
Directed By Mr.Fix It & Edited By Emgee

Motherfuckers wanna claim they piru
See you in the street wanna try you
That's when i ride through
With like five dudes
Ain't nobody wanna get a taste of my goons
Lets stop....
Enough with that gangsta talk
I don't like to talk that niggas fake alot
When you claim that you bumpin niggas think you not
See the bank you got ? That's what'll make you hot

See I couldn't trust all when my chain got robbed
If you think i aint bumpin cause i sing alot
Then you need rethink cause your thinkin wrong
Man im cookin up niggas get the apron on
Break faces dawg , Who you hatin on ?
If you wanna test me get the paper on
Get the questions and pen...and ill pace along
Hate hate never say it to my face at all
If you trynna murder me you been aimin off
I'ma fuck the world raw,with no latex on
When i bust i'ma spray it on the face of yall
Five bullets in the head couldn't make me fall
Goddam,Can't stand not a person now
Got beef nigga i don't wanna work this out
Fuck peace,and ya peeps say the verse out loud
They don't like what you sayin ?....Nigga BURN THAT CROUD

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