Part of my installation series 'Liar Liar', this piece shows the progressive burning - and reformation - of a pair of red jeans. The transformation of the pants due to the fire, and the transformation of the fire as it ravages the pants, shows the ephemeral nature of all things; no pair of pants will ever burn this exact same way. However, as video is a time-based medium, this single moment is able to exist forever in the present.

(Personally, I think it's also just pretty to watch.)

I remixed the Explosions In The Sky song 'Yasmin The Light' and timed it to the visuals to properly accompany this piece. The original, looping version of this piece is used for gallery display.

2013 / TransFIREmation Gallery Show, MassArt Student Life Gallery (Boston)

Part of my 'Liar Liar' (2013) series:
Made In Yugoslavia /
A Study In Blue Jeans /

2013, March / September

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