Don't Be Buntha (Hep C - Don't let it be)

This video focuses on the prevention of and testing for hepatitis C in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It features clay figures and props in an animated claymation. Included are background interviews with Aboriginal health care workers from partner organisations as well as Kaleteeya participants in the project. Production resulted from partnerships between the Hepatitis C Council of South Australia, Centacare Wodlitinattoai, and the Gawler Health Service - Kaleteeya Aboriginal Health Team.

Special thanks to all people who contributed to the success of this project:
Margaret Farrugra, Rachael Barry & Elizabeth Graham Pichugin: Virus design and creators
Rosslyn Richards & Louisa Walsh: Background scene design
Greg Sumner & Joshua Barry: Male claymation creators
Anna Verilli: Female claymation creator
Rachel Abdulla: Voiceover

Annette Sumner - Tracey Ritchie - Casey Johnson - Lorna Baxter - Kristien Smith - Dawn Pretoria Treverrow - Simone Taylor - Cassandra Martin - Maryanne Ryan - Delores Uren - Craig Wanganeen - Bradley Graham

Bradley Graham: Shaun - Kristien Smith: Ernie - Anna Verrilli: Rose

Lawrence Wilkes: Claymation & Editing - Ashley Starkey: Mentoring & Editing - Allan Sumner: Soundtrack

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