Response to The Completeness Play In the Form of a Box

To start off, I would like to explain how I interpreted The Completeness and responded in the format of a box inspired by Joseph Cornell:

The Completeness is about figuring out a place for oneself in this world.

The Completeness is about two people who meet and fall for each other. Through one another they understand themselves more and how they fit in this world.

People do not get into relationships that don't work for them: The Completeness is about two graduate students who meet, get together and figure out how they fit into each other's lives and world. In the process, there are history, self doubt, control, temptations, distractions and uncertainty. This play is about being brave, taking a chance and being in control of one's own path, pushing through fear, uncertainty and embracing life.


In response to The Completeness, I chose to make a minimal, self contained and sealed black box. At first glance, it is nothing more than a regular black box. Upon inspection, there is a tiny hole that allows the viewer to peek inside the box. The viewer will then see a small universe amongst the darkness.

The physical manifestation represents Molly and Elliott as individuals; from the exterior, it is nothing more than a black shape. The rectangular shape represents the distance and difference between the exterior and interior, that one has to look not just within, but also deep inside another to find the truth. The hard to find peep hole is made to be very small, almost non-existent amongst the black planes. The act of looking for the hole represents the work one has to do in order to travel into the interior of another. When you peek into the hole, one sees the representation of stars, conveying the idea of the universe.

Why the universe? To revert back to my interpretation of the play, the notion of stumbling in life and trying different things to figure out a place for oneself in the world is something that I relate to on a personal level; through trial and error, I know I am working towards a future in the concrete sense, yet at the same time trusting that through this process the universe will work itself out. The universe is a representation of inner strength and faith that everything will be okay.

Sonia Li

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