What do top companies, universities, government agencies, doctors, scientists, leaders, school districts and community organizations have in common?

The Kids Eco Club – a nonprofit that is leading the way in building cross sector collaborations. Working together to connect K-12 students to the best teachers and best content in the world, it has taken the leadership role in fulfilling a world vision of –

• Healthy People,
• Healthy Communities, and a
• Healthy Planet

San Diego has been chosen to pilot the first community collaboration project. Hundreds of schools and thousands of students are planting community gardens, cleaning urban parks, participating in science, taking field trips, cooking healthy meals and engaging in an online technology platform to discuss, debate, discover, share and co-create new knowledge across the world.

Ask yourself “what kind of world do you want?” Everyone can make a difference, get involved. Contact Kids Eco Club to be part of making your community and your planet a healthy place to call home.
info@kidsecoclub.org or

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