A Vanguardist piece; highly simplistic and gently prodding the notion that a separation between light and dark leads to alarm. However, this can only be discovered by the viewer or it may be wholly overlooked. The footage relies on the symbol of the tree which which has roots that leads in two directions simultaneously; one, directed downward towards the darkness (the earth) where it is nourished and the second, reaching upward into the light (sky) where it is also nourished. Hence the tree lives in both darkness and light simultaneously and needs both for its survival. (On a psychological note; those who seek the truth as it is are typically those who live an equal amount of time in darkness as they do in light, yet are the most honest and the most cognizant of reality.) The capture is stark, black and white (obviously), contrasted dramatically, pitting the darkness of the tree against the light of the sky yet in a mesh intended to show the blend of light and dark. The music was composed with the intention of evoking a sense of eeriness since a perfect mixture of light and dark is unknown to the human eye and mind and would be somewhat eerie to behold for the first time. What the film cannot convey, the music attempts to compensate for.

Shot on an iPhone 5, 8mm Vintage Camera App applied during capture.
Edited with Video Pro X 4
Music Composed on Magix AG's software.
Captured in Los Angeles, California 2013.
Share freely if you like it. Peace.

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