"My "act" has ended by becoming an integral part of my nature, I told myself. Misere mei deus för vi gör vad fan vi vill. It's no longer an act. "


SY may 13

Director & Producer: Fabian Sigurd & Jakob Skote
Director of Photography: Emilio Di Stefano
Focus Puller: Johan Hedelius
First Assistant Camera: Hanna Jageteg
Second Assistant Camera: Andreas Brink Pedersen
Lightning: Emmy Axelsson Hyltén, Jimmy Hertzman & Dana Lötberg
Production Coordinator: Greta Rechlin
VFX: Noam Briner & Andreas Brink Pedersen
Editing: Fabian Sigurd & Jakob Skote
Grade: Jakob Skote, Emilio Di Stefano & Fabian Sigurd

Knights: Fleur Penter & Sofie Jönsson

Special Thanks To:
Johan Moritz
Bengt Andersson
Eric Berglund
Live Media Group


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