Phony Money. Included in their album 140.
Music and lyrics by ANAUT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2013
Recorded @ Sala Caracol (Madrid) by


I know baby, you do me good
but when it comes to loving baby, I´m not a fool

I´ve done it all, honey. I´ve done my best
but when it´s time to give back, you just won´t pay

I digged for gold inside of me. It took me years.
I put my golden heart in golden wrapping paper, inside your hands

You gave me money, baby, but you paid me wrong
´cause al I found in your heart baby, was phoney money

If I only had a dime, everytime you start to cry
Don´t you know how much I sweat, just to get you through

Now listen, baby, listen to me
Next time somebody loves you, don´t use no phony money

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