For Elsée DALL’AVA Fashion Designer and Vladimir VREBA Hair Stylist

Conceptualized and directed by architect/artiste, Adrian Sierra Garcia, ZERO ACTIVITY is an atypical fashion show, which explores the “transformation of the self.”

As people get suduced into "la Mode" they transform themselves to project a desired illusory image. They erase their true selves physically and emotionally through the addition, subtraction and superimposition of objects and products, which are foreign to the body.

Self-thought and self-action is eradicated.

ZERO ACTIVITY is a performance-based installation piece, which, exhibits Elsée DALL’AVA's garments, which obstruct the natural functions of the body and a choreography and stage design by Adrian SIERRA GARCIA, which overlays a set of rules to null basic anatomy movements corporal perception.
Vreba's hair designs, become violent prosthetic objects strange life-like shapes inducing fear on the observer.

VJ Eye and VJ AnaVI capture the performance with live feed cameras and project video on various surfaces on the space.

Experimental music artist, Laurent CHAMBERT, adds a punctual and a-rhythmic soundscape layer completing the installation.


Adrian SIERRA GARCIA- Director/Scenography/Choreography
Elsée DALL’AVA- Fashion Design
François REGAUDIE- Make Up
Vladimir VREBA- Hair Cut/Style
Music: Laurent CHAMBERT
Visuals: VJ Eye, VJ AnaVI

Muton Collet- Accessories

Performers: Aline CHAPET, Aurore TOME, Christophe AGUERA, Hélène, Kevin LAZENNEC, Lise, Margaux SIMON, Mohamed KHATTABI, Pauline, HURET, Pierre EVANGELISTI, Tiên HUA, Tiffany ELAPHE TANG, Vinciane GOULLON, Yasmine AMMAL

Assistants :

Fashion Design: Coralie CRISTIANI
Hair Cut/Style: Chao SHEN, Jerome BLUM, Hajime NAKANO
Make Up: Thalia PEEMAN, Emmanuelle MONBLANC

Sponsors: Redken, Bavaria

La Generale

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