The ghost is a metaphor for the soul that inhabits us. If only we could see the inner workings of the human soul as readily as we gaze into the intricacies of this skeleton timepiece.

Shot on Panasonic GH1, 720p60, smooth mode, everything manual.
Lighting was done with an old halogen lamp.
Lens: here is the fun part, I had a Rokkor 58mm1.2 hooked to the GH1, and then I duct taped a reversed Sigma 30mm1.4 to the front of the Rokkor. It became a pretty powerful Macro lens, but the whole thing was very fragile and would shake a lot. I couldn't even stand close to the table on which the camera and the watch were; even the tiniest of vibrations would create an earthquake.
Edited on Premiere Pro CS4, 23.976fps 720p timeline
Lens flares recorded earlier that day with the Sigma 30mm1.4

Music by a great Canadian band called Wintersleep, the song is ''Weighty Ghost''

Background ticking noise is the actual sound of this watch recorded with a Zoom H4N.

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