This is what happens when you put me in front of a camera. Alone. The crazy comes out in full effect!
Hope you get a few giggles out of it. ;-)

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For some reason, as we get older our birthdays seem to get less exciting, less celebratory, and less – well – fun.
As we have more birthdays, they get pretty lackluster. They slowly cease to be a celebration of a year well-lived. They become a reminder of 401ks and biological clocks and shouldn’t-I-own-a-house-by-now neuroses.

Less cake, more salad.
Fewer balloons, more half-assed Facebook wall messages.
Less singing, more sighing.

Are you ready to reclaim your birthday – and your life?
Are you ready to celebrate, like you’ve never celebrated before?
Are you ready to take the next step to becoming an even more radiant version of you?
If your answer is HELL YES!, then I can’t wait for you to join me inside The Birthday Month Experience.
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