John owns a construction company with sixty people. He can find great carpenters and electricians but struggles to find good supervisors and office staff.

John’s friend Lisa owns a software development company and had the same problems. But she discovered The Hire Talent. Their pre employment assessment services measure the whole candidate to predict long term success. She hired three great salespeople and found software engineers who could actually communicate with clients effectively. Her turnover was reduced to less than ten percent and customer retention doubled.

Meanwhile, John had to let go yet another shift manager after only three months. Thousands of dollars in salary and months of training, lost to a preventable mistake.

Because Lisa Uses, The Hire Talent’s assessment tools. She loved the ability to measure candidates for the right attitude, work behaviors, social intelligence, critical thinking and people skills. Having a partner to help identify the best talent, refine best practices, and improve interviewing was critical to her business’ success.

When John shared his struggles with Lisa, he thought she would understand. Instead, Lisa turned him on to The Hire Talent. John experienced results right away.

Take our assessment challenge with your current team today to see how our pre employment tests can improve your business’ growth.
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