Summary: Letting Go! is the second of the 33⅓ Meditations to show up. I consider this the Yin of the 3 audios.

As with all the 33⅓ meditations, guidance is persistent and regular, so those of you with steely concentration that prefer to ‘do your own thing’ may want to use the music-only version once you have the processes under your belt. For the rest of us who struggle to stay present for more than a few seconds at a time, the voice will keep your awareness engaged if you surrender to it!

There is no way you’ll get all the juice from one or two listenings. There are many concepts/techniques integrated into the audio, any of which can deliver very profound experiences.

As you listen again and again, you’ll keep finding stuff you missed before, or new depths/distinctions to previous discoveries. Sometimes, a section that was ‘awesome’ last time you listened will be missed completely as if it simply isn’t there!

Sometimes, it will seem as if the guidance is way too fast, sometimes it seems too slow. I guess it depends on your level of presence – the deeper in state I get, the less I notice the guidance yet the more I am able to follow it!

Don’t worry about following all the ‘procedures’ in one sitting – I still haven’t managed that feat! Trust that a part of you is getting it, even if your conscious mind (Little Self) is complaining it doesn’t understand or it “didn’t have time to do that bit properly!”

The key is to actually experience energy. If that’s not natural for you, just persist and use your imagination to ‘pretend’ you are getting it. Eventually the pre-tending will become in-tending which is only a heartbeat away from experiencing.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have an experience and wonder if what just happened was your imagination or something .... REAL!! :wink:

VERY IMPORTANT: When the audio ends, make a point of NOT moving immediately or rejoining your normal life right away. You are going to be in an altered state of consciousness, so enjoy the feelings that have surfaced and play with the experience. Try to stay present to the Space or State the meditation takes you into for as long as possible, even as you get back into your 3D activities.

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