Easycar RNG GT Radial Ford world Rally Team with driver Rami Jaber From Palestine
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Established in 1965, BAGADER is a specialist in the import, distribution, and export of :-
Batteries - for Automotive and Industrial applications, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine, back up generators, UPS, and Leisure.
Tyres and Tubes - for passenger cars, buses, trucks, agricultural trailers, and earthmoving equipment.
The company is distinguished by its possession of its own distribution network, with its related infrastructure for its Sub Business Units (SBU's), that cover the landscape of the Arabian Peninsula. Inaddition, it has a branch in Yemen, and derives its strength internationally via its Dubai, U.A.E. branch which facilitates its hub service.
Rami is a well-known around the world and its reputation has been earned through hard work. Rami is very intense but at the same time conscientious, courteous and in the same time absolutely accurate. He is one of the celebrated professional drivers in Europe , Moldova, Romania, in the Middle Eas and in the production of the World rallies. Her memory is frighteningly accurate, but all those who think that his personal-ity is rough maybe surprised at how instantly he could change to product pure warm all those who are around him which can save anyone´s day than a day.
As a Driver Rami is well-known brand. He is always com-peting for the well earned position in the production world champion rallies, and it has been described by how he is com-peting as a flawless. His accuracy and skill to driving has al-ways been the envy of others. As the man himself, his driving skills reflects adulthood and intelligence, which has been honed and acquired by many years with high level training and through many experiences.

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