Choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle is fascinated by everything to do with perception. In Point of View, his latest installation performance, he wants to break away from our traditional way of looking. What happens if we observe movement from different angles simultaneously?

In a choreography for dancers, cameras and projection, he creates an invocatory feedback loop that completely opens up our traditional view of a dance performance. Like parallel worlds, real and virtual bodies intertwine to form a universe full of paradoxes. Is there really any unambiguous reality in a world in which every perception is given a personal interpretation?

Concept: Benjamin Vandewalle
Dans: Kim Ceysens, Tale Dolven, Zoltán Vakulya & Benjamin Vandewalle
Dramaturgie: Marnix Rummens
Coach scenografie: Erki De Vries
Muziekdramaturgie: Alain Franco
Uitvoerend producent: CAMPO
Coproductie: CAMPO, Vooruit, Départs & Kaaitheater
Met dank aan: Peter Aers, Philip Van Loocke & Peter Vermeersch
Met de steun van: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

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