KARUNESH - Sounds of the heart
Nightingale Records - 1987 - Sounds Of The Heart
Green earth has been delivered
to everything yellow, gold, crops,
clods, leaves, grain,
but when autumn rises
you're the one I see,
your hair is for me
which distributes the pins.
Among the heroes step
newly decorated
for land and gunpowder
and behind them, silent,
with your small steps,
are or are not?
Yesterday, when I took
root, to see,
the old dwarf tree,
I saw you out mirándorne
from the tortured
and thirsty roots.
And when sleep comes
to dwell and take
to my own silence
there is a large white wind
that knocks my dream
fall and leaves it,
fall like knives
about me bleeding to death.
And every wound has
the shape of your mouth.
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