WDC Blue Six is an operation somewhat like the movie Men In Black, but although fictional is really believed by UFO advocates as true in every concept there is. WDC Blue 6 is run by and funded by unknown individuals where money is no limit. Trillions of dollars have been spent on the WDC Blue Six program starting in late 1930’s developing the atomic bomb and communication with extra terrestrials.


WDC Blue Six headquarters is located in the Oregon Rogue Valley. A warehouse adjacent to a major highway looks like any of the numerous pear packing plants.
Space travel and time warp travel is conducted out of a simple warehouse looking facility in a small Oregon town. When you want to hide, hide in plain sight.

Blue One is “Larry” an ex Air Force General, who has telekinesis abilities and has ESP to the max degree.

Blue Two is “Bill” ex Air Force civilian consultant that is second in command of WDC Blue 6. Bill has had encounters with aliens and is knowledgeable in time warp and space travel and liaison with alien cultures. Bill’s nick name is “Commish”.

Blue Three is “Jose” former U.S. Army Intel specialist, weapons and explosives expert. Jose also has training and knowledge of alien weapons, and Intergalactic liaison.

Blue Four is “Veronica” USC Grad and Lt. Rank who is a clairvoyant, giving clear vision of events. Veronica is communications liaison with all alien cultures we have dealings with.

Blue Five is “Connie” former U.S. Marine Master Sergeant, who is in charge of the Intergalactic Travel Services of both humans and aliens.

Blue Six is “Blake” former U.S. Army Ranger, and has had encounters with several Alien Cultures having been abducted by alien beings and returned to earth having been given information on mutual wants and needs of both earth human beings and alien cultures.

This team not only travels all over our world, but, travels in space and in time, using technology we have had since the early 1940’s and expanding for a common goal of earth surviving things to come and maintaining rapport with other beings in the universe.

Is it true or false, has there been a government cover-up or not since Roswell. Remember, Truth is Stranger than fiction.

You be the Judge.

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