WINNER: Best Horror Film at the 19th International Indie Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio.

A Horrifying New Film from Aaron Herman Russman
at A Picture Show Film Company!

Edgar, a meek, honest man seeks retribution for his daughter's murder, yet the killer takes his own life. Left without means to an end, Edgar staggers through dreams and faulty memories, becoming a force of terror upon the undeserving... or are they? You will question everything, for nothing is what it seems...

2014 A Picture Show Film Company
"Fear the Crooked Corpse"
Written and Directed by Aaron Herman Russman
Original Story by Edgar Allan Poe
Associate Produced by Victoria Nelson
Produced by Sam Logan Khaleghi
Original Music by Kevin Macleod
Starring: Rick Dethlefsen, Axel Harney, Bruce Spielbauer, Kelly Kirstein, Brian Van Camp, Brak Little, Dana Blackstone, Michael Wexler and Katherine Verneersch

Coming Soon.

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