Hovering above the horizon, the CLOUD will appear as light as air itself, its delicate filigree structure superceding the traditions of steel and glass, lifting us up into the skies and the ethereal realm beyond.

It will also be a DIGITAL CLOUD, a tribute to a digital age of bits and atoms.

Saturated with real-time information displays, the CLOUD will broadcast breathtaking Olympian moments and a broader range of events. Its real-time relay of our climates and communications reveal the connective networks of our united humanity, and the world itself.

High above the city and the Olympics, the CLOUD offers an entirely new form of observation space from which one can see the whole of the Games, the City, and the World.

Through grassroots global fundraising and our Google partnership, the CLOUD will be raised by the people;
using energy-harvesting and re-generative technology, The CLOUD will also be POWERED by the people.

Its sculptural surface of fluctuating pixels will relay media from above as much as voices from below,
a forum of exchange for all of our humanity to reach our wider planet.

Immersed in the euphoria of weather and that alluring environment in which we all increasingly congregate – the DIGITAL SUBLIME.

Come raise the cloud with us.

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