- Amongst other things an animation revealing how the Arctic sea ice concentration and extent changed between September 13th and September 27th 2013. The 2013 NSIDC minimum extent of 5.099 million km² occurred on September 13th.

As you can see, the sea ice in the Arctic has many holes and cracks in it, and lots of open water around it. It is not therefore an "unbroken sheet that already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russia's northern shores", as maintained by David Rose in the Mail on Sunday edition of September 8th. On the evening of September 28th the Mail Online published a "corrected" version of that article, replacing the ludicrous original numbers with those calculated by The Great White Con. However they contrived to continue The Con by blaming their error on an NSIDC "typo" -

Also discussed in the video is the recent IPCC AR5 Working Group 1 meeting in Stockholm -

The Arctic Sea Ice Forum -

The OBuoy #7 webcam -

The voyage through the Northwest Passage of the MV Nordic Orion -

The Arctic circumnavigation by the yacht Tara -

and finally some beautiful Central Arctic Art -

The music is "Bruce Willis" by Bristol band "ICYFH" from the charity compilation album "Water Connects Us":

Original AMSR2 microwave images by the University of Bremen:

Arctic sea ice extent data from NSIDC:

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