Final event this season with my dragonboat club.

Venue: TVK 1887 Essen Kupferdreh, Essen. Germany.

The Dutch Dragons (NL) vs Green Dragons (DE)

....Best of 3 WINS! .. Let's GO!!

Recorded with Galaxy Samsung S4 1080p.


This season's end, The Dutch Dragons made a friendly trip into Essen Germany for a friendly match on River Ruhr. Unlike the usual indoor pool competition of tug of war using pulleys and 2 boats. TVK 1887's watersport club seems to have an original idea of their own.

Definitely a great closing event for this season. We left Essen proudly with 1st prize for 250m. And 2nd for the 1887m which eventually is the year that the club was formed. We'll certainly be back next year to win TVK's beautiful 1887 trophy.

As the saying goes (for this friendly competition). "You win some you lose some.. Then everybody's happy."

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