ABOUT: 'Tu Cubata Detonante' es un viaje en Super 8 al underground madrileño, a la Gran Vía nocturna y todos sus alrededores y subterráneos. / 'Your Catalyst Cocktail' is a Super 8 trip to Madrid's underground. A trip through Gran Vía Street and its nightlife, surroundings and subterranean passages.

DISTRIBUCIÓN/DISTRIBUTION: contacto@laescombrera.com


'El Cubata Detonante' was one of the most cool and popular cocktail bars back in the 80s. Nowadays it still survives as a tacky karaoke for tourists and stopover for weird night birds. Margarita is a bit like the bar: where once she shone brilliantly, now she is stuck in time and in the dusty old sofas at El Cubata. Apparently she's only useful to the police, to whom she works as an informer. She secretly loves Piyiyo, a drug dealer twenty years younger than her. When Piyiyo brings an angelic teenager named Carlina to the karaoke, jealousy becomes Margarita's downfall.


'Your Catalyst Cocktail' is about the beauty of decadence through two depicted subjects: a street and a woman. This street is Madrid's Gran Vía, probably the spot to catch more stories and characters per second in the whole city. Ever since I was old enough to stroll by myself, I've gone to the metro station and remain for hours just watching people come and go under the wild and mystic light of the neons. This is where Margarita, Piyiyo and Carlina come from. This is where you can (really) find this karaoke stuck in the middle of a parking lot. But this film is also about time and about women. Carlina, Margarita and La Patrona portray three important life phases: passion, disenchantment, wisdom. Though not without a hint of black humour, this trashy Super 8mm film attempts to humbly catch a bit of poetry.


Almudena Monzú was born in Madrid. She studied screenwriting, field in which she has
developed most of her professional career. She has worked in many projects between
Spain and Latin America, both for cinema and Tv. She has been awarded with grants from
important institutions such as Spanish ICAA, Venezuelan CNAC or the Ibermedia
programme. Her first stage play, Salón Grandet, was on display for several months at
Madrid's independent theatre billboard. Her short film Tu Cubata Detonante (Your Catalyst
Cocktail) was on competition at the 2nd Spanisches Filmfest in Berlin. She is currently
based in Barcelona, where she has recently been co-founder of the collective La
Escombrera (The Junkyard), carrying out works such as the teaser for the stand-out musical
La Llamada (winner of 9 Broadway World Awards) or the music video for breakout artist
Lucía Scansetti's first single. She's also the author of the comic-fiction blog Querido Padre
Dios (Dear Father God) and she is currently finishing her first novel, Los Cuadernos de
Valda (Valda's Notebooks).


Piyiyo: Javier Calvo
Carlina: Vicky Luengo
Margarita: Saladina Jota
La Patrona/The Bartender: Josele Román
El Animador/The Entertainer: Diego Ercolini
La Chica Subastada/The Girl at the Auction: Julia de Castro
El Poli Joven/Young Cop: Borja Sánchez
El Comisario/Superintendent: Rafa Núñez
El Poli Lascivo/Lascivious Cop: Raúl Sáez
El Vendedor de China/Salesman from China: Di Ren Wang

Guión y Dirección/Screenwriter & Director: Almudena Monzú
Producción/Producer: Meri Ingelmo
Fotografía/Cinematography: Fran Ríos
Montaje/Editing: Mayte Castillo, Almudena Monzú, Andrea Herrera
Dirección de Arte/Production Design: Rocío Peña Macarro
Diseño de Vestuario/Costumes: Baronesa Van Ritzo
Peluquería y Maquillaje/ Stylist: Beatriz Rojas
Diseño Sonoro/Sound Design: Greforio Hernández & David Daoud
Sonido Directo/Live Sound Recording: Daniela Fermín Rennola
Diseño Gráfico/Graphic Designers: Victoria Fernández, Nacho Reina
La banda sonora contiene música original de LA MODE / Featuring original music by LA MODE.

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