Two ladies and a camera went with a beat up old guitar to YNOT festival. They dragged it around to see who could get a good note out of it (barely anyone did), got it signed by amazing musicians/ bands, staff, festival goers, tons of lovely people and took pictures of it having a stupendously crazy time along with everyone else there.

Finally the nice ladies compiled all those images into a crazy video et voila we give you the YNOT Shitty Guitar Video by Raggle Taggle Photography.

This video will be used to promote the charity auction of the Guitar in Dec 2103. A full list of the bands who signed the guitar is here on the facebook page and in the credits. If the band is tagged then they have signed it.:

Disclaimer: NO GUITARS WERE ARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO (little white lie as Dingus Khan will tell you the guitar's stunt double met a grizzly end on the lead singers head) The actual shitty guitar is currently in the lounge armchair next to the fire recounting tales of it's wild summer! It doesn;t know it yet but it will be flogged off later this year in a charity auction. Arrangements are in hand. Watch this space..

Epic thanks to Francesca and all the lovely crew of YNOT for a really chilled out festival. Samantha, Emily and Shitty Guitar had a blast. We wish the same could be said if the stunt double ah well. Next year.

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