The AIGA/NY invited a select group of New York designers to submit videos for October’s Midnight Moment. Midnight Moment is the largest coordinated effort in history by the sign operators in Times Square to display synchronized, cutting-edge creative content on electronic billboards and newspaper kiosks throughout Times Square every night.

This short was loosely inspired by the book The End of Night and the search for starry skies in an urban, light-polluted, visually cacophonous landscape.

Kinda Akash is a Lebanese-Syrian creative director and graphic designer living and working in New York. A graduate of Georgetown University and CalArts, Kinda is working on film and commercial projects for various design studios – most recently Brand New School in NYC. Her work can be seen on screen in films such as Red Riding: 1980 and the 2011 Sundance documentary, Project Nim, both edited and directed by the award-winning team behind Man On Wire (Director James Marsh and Editor Jinx Godfrey). Her commercial work includes but is not limited to, short films for Fontainebleau, Starwood, and commercials for Nivea, Nissan, E*Trade, NYSE, Google, and The California Coastal Commission. Her work has been featured in various publications such as in ‘boards magazine and STEP magazine.


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