Imagining Natural Scotland Project for the Year of Natural Scotland. To gain greater insight into the ‘worlds within worlds’ that the river carries; and to convey these through the forms and technique of poetry. The project will focus on the Denburn, the Water of Leith and particularly the Dighty Water.

borderlines and no-man’s-land The worlds, often self-contained, through which the river runs, as defined by use, naming, memory and topography; and the undefined spaces between

imposed boundaries Man-made structures, interruptions and imposed thought-patterns, and the river’s resilience to these; the presence of ‘blue-green spaces’, both planned and accidental

parallels and coincidences For example, in the “flow” of traffic, footpaths etc alongside / through / around the course and current of the river

lines of desire Evidence of collective thinking which recognises the presence of the river, either consciously or implicitly

time and time zones Ideas of historical, narrative, biological time involving the river; historicity and the process of mythologizing

Making space for water : a poetry of place will interpret this archive along these themes. Collaboration with an artist will enable Wade and Vergunst to look at their findings in a different light. Poetry, as an artform that lives within language at both a conscious and subliminal level, and in which conventions of communication and understanding are deliberately manipulated, is particularly appropriate.

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