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What does neutrality mean in the context of portraiture?
What type of neutrality can a repetitive action confer?
How do levels of performativity inform neutrality?
Why continue any action when there are no clear rules, cues, or reasons to do so?
What types of drift occur during repetition? How do different types of observation or audience affect repetition?
How can duration be conveyed through sound?
Is film predatory?

Filmed in Stolzenhagen, Germany as part of the multidisciplinary CON|Verge residency and featuring Anna-Lizette Conner, Miriam Wolodarski, Miguel Angel Guzmán, and Jillayne Hunter. A/V by Ethan Folk.


CON|Verge festival showing. Ponderosa studio - Stolzenhagen, Germany. Sep. 21, 2013.

MOVEABLE HOSTS exhibition - London, UK. November 17th, 2013.

Bending Boundaries: Constructing, Undermining, and Resisting Space as part of the TITWRENCH film module. Nya Kontoret gallery - Stockholm, Sweden. Dec. 15, 2013.

Thanks to Ponderosa Dance, CON|Verge, Mary + Miriam, Zinzi, Kai, and the House of Ia.

Update: Clock wipe has begat "Watch Wipe", an egg-hatched pygmy relative which you can view at instagram.com/p/hBl7uDuHsX/

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