These are "Demo Scratch Vocals" only. They are used for reference only and to assist in adding embellishments in the instrumentation so that the harmonica arrangements, licks and backup may be properly positioned and demonstrated.

This is a demo song to be pitched to recording artists. LYRICS ARE BELOW. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. "Storms" is Copyrighted in October 2013.

I know the rain’s a coming ... she just told me so
Happens to me every time everywhere I go
I hear the thunder rolling I feel the eastward wind
It’s gonna be exactly like the other places that I’ve been

I see the lightning striking a mile or more away
Looks to me that there’s no way that I’ll stay dry today

Clouds are building in the West I stop to look around
Looks like a thunderstorm in the direction that I’m bound
I Gotta find a place to go I gotta find a place to hide
I guess that’s what happens when two strong forces collide

- Needs intrumental break here -

Black clouds are up ahead I see them tumbling in the sky
I hear the winds a howling I see it building in her eyes
I know the rain’s a coming whoa she just told me so
Happens to me everytime every where I go

I look around and find her gone just like she said she’d do
She’s gone away on down the road and left this old boy blue
I can’t think about it and the words that she said
‘Cause I just felt a the cold rain drop a’falling on my head

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