The event of last Saturday is still playing so vividly in mind that I just can't wait to share it with you all.

After their engagement (please see their engagement trailer in previous posts), Johan and Trishia are finally offically official as they tied the knot in Bali last weekend. It was a day full of laughter and joy as we witnessed two people in love expressed their lifelong vows to each other.

During his vows, Johan told us a little about how he fell in love with Trishia. It wasn't at first sight, but after a second look, he couldn't wait to make her a part of his life. And as for Trishia, she couldn't imagine a better happy ending than a life with Johan.

Well lovebirds, this is just the beginning... a start to a wonderful life. In Indonesian, when people marry, we say "selamat mengarungi bahtera kehidupan" which can be directly translated into "congratulations on sailing in the ark of life". I've always found this statement beautiful and true, because that is exactly what marriage is.

Safe sailing, Johan and Trishia. Enjoy the journey because it is amazing. Congratulations again.


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