How to rackmount that 19 inch monitor onto a 19th rackmount frame - cheaply! More info at

Avoid spending vastly inflated prices on specialised rackmount monitors. Using a cheap monitor rackmount kit (about £25).

In my case I needed to rackmount a computer and Digital I/O for my studio. The total cost was £25 for the kit, a second-hand rackmount frame (£45 bought years ago - probably cheaper now), and a reduced 4U rackmount PC case (£30 instead of £65).

It doesn't take too much effort to mount the monitor. However space in your rack setup might be tight, so you might need a jigsaw cutter (with a metal cutting bit), to reduce the size of the frame.

Note that each monitor is different, so experimenting with the best attachment to the frame may be required. I got it right on my third attempt, and elected to cut the rackmount unit. It is still easily strong enough to hold the monitor.

Best of luck. Be careful, take your time and enjoy your rackmounted monitor. Any questions please ask.


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