The Short Story -
We built a custom set, created bespoke visuals, brought in two 12k projectors, some strobes and some lights and had at it. All for your viewing pleasure..

Making of video at

The Long Story -
Our second video for Alias Empire, upon listening to the song and it's very name I had visions of very strong visuals and the band performing in the centre of them, their first time 'starring' in their own videos. Fitting with the name of the song, I peeled everything back, took out all the colour and kept the visuals as very strong solid shapes. Pre-building the visuals before we made the set, they looked very flat on the monitor, and it was on going on theory of how it would work and more than a little faith.

Once we rigged the set and did some tests that faith was rewarded in spades. With the ability to create visuals on the fly the more complicated particle effects were dropped as they became mush over the several layers of fabric, while the strong simple shapes worked spectacularly. In fact the grid only came about we saw the projectors test card - I quickly built some gird gfx on the fly and dropped them in the set. Robert, the projector technician, said he was very sceptical about using only black and white projections but once he saw said he'd seen nothing like it.

All told, for a miniscule budget, we felt we created a video far beyond what we'd hoped. Huge massive love to all the people involved, we had a really a great crew for this.

Produced & Directed by Steve Mac Devitt & Greg Corcoran
Editor: Greg Corcoran
Visual FX & Projections: Steve Mac Devitt

Cinematographer: JJ Rolfe
Lighting Director: Luis Poveda
Staging & Rigging: Gregg MacDonald
Projector Technician: Robert Byrne
Camera Assistant: Philip Blake
EPK Director: Shane Caffrey

A huge thanks to all involved for making it happen.

Special Thanks to:
Liam Littlewood
Dave Leahy, Warrior Films,
Colm Bairéad
Nick, Ben & Joe @ Block T, Smithfield

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