Date Taken- 24/10/13

Location- Adams Building

Equipment Used- Nikon Camera and tripod

What I like about the video is how the music is blended into the video. It creates an advert for a clothing line that is revisiting old fashion and making it a new trend, the camera angle only covers the upper body and sometimes a near full body. It has the model acting professional while some of the takes have her being playful and cheerful.

The model is standing in front of a building with the camera at an angle of a wide angle to have the upper body of the model in the shot and with her walking. The next shot has the finishing a spin while smiling then she fixes her hair and the same scene of her spinning is repeated. The next scene is the model standing with her hips on her waist, I should have shown it with a wider camera angle, and I had another person fan a book at her to create a wind so her hair would move more. I should have done this when it was a windier day. The next scene is the model spinning again but this time it a bit wider camera angle. Then the model is dancing while holding her dress to create more movement. At the end of the video has the model stroking her hair then she smiles and turn her head left of the shot.

The only adjustment I made to the whole video is changing the levels to make the video a dream like feel. I try to make the video into black and white to see how effective it could be, it wasn’t as effective it could have been so I left it on color has it shown more details of the model and the dress.
The meaning behind this video is showing how fashion sometimes goes back and reuses old clothes but can make it a powerful tread. Proving that fashion can be reuse and can never get old, I wished I had more models to showcase different kinds of clothing.

What I learned from this experiment is to be more observant of the weather and try to plan things better so things would be easier to film. If I could retake this I would be ask more people and have a better place to take the video.

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