Hideoscillous: ie. Hideous Oscillations - from the Latin root hideous to the eye, yet one possessing beautiful oscillating motions in the water. The old adage ‘looks can be deceiving’ & ‘true beauty lies within’ are the driving forces of this unassuming possessor of great character. This one – the Hideoscillous, transforms small point surf like no other board I’ve made ’til now - it feels like the board rides on air – no friction – yet corners on rails
(as hard as you can push it with no slipping) & balances lip release with perfect control.

I may go so far as to say that this new rocker & steep concave bottom can be placed on any outline & foil anywhere to increase the horsepower of any board five-fold. The ugly duckling that transforms into a swan when you step foot on it.

Ride approximately 6″ – 7″ shorter, 1 1/4″ wider & 1/8″ thicker than your good waves performance shorty.


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