The first video diary from Southampton-based pop-indie-rock band Stefikie, featuring a performance from the band at Asgard Studios in Southampton, together with performances from Siberian Noise and Eagle & Weeks. Watch to the end for a special "deleted scene", a "sneak peek" at the next video diary planned for later this week, and details of the band's gigs for later this month (October 2013).

All featured music is by Stefikie (K.Hall) unless otherwise indicated. Tracks used are:

Video Diary Titles and End Titles: "My Little Space"
Main Titles and Feature: "Parallel Lines"
Featured Performance: "You Can't Have It"

Technical Info: Recorded handheld with Canon EOS 5D Mark III with 28-135mm lens (video) and Zoom H4n (audio). There are significant audio problems with the "narration" which are either wind noise or over-peaking (which seems unlikely given the original recording is too quiet). Recorded at 1080p/25fps but rendered out using "Vimeo HD 720p 25" preset in Adobe After Effects.

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