Client: Singapore Children's Society
Director: Ken Nabors
DOP: Grzegorz L. Gill
Production: Reel Loco
Post Production: Loco Motion

Sixty years and counting. The Singapore Children's Society has been a home for this island nation's youth for over half a century. From day one, the mission of the Children's Society was to instill a balance in the lives of children so that they can have healthy and happy futures. This oasis of hope has operated solely through the hearts of the many who run it and the children that fill it. The social worker, the volunteer and the child, together are who makes up these centres across Singapore.

This video is meant to give the viewer a glimpse into the different lives that are affected by the Children Society. In it we expose three centres that are designed for three completely different reasons. That's how wide the reach of the society is. Part of our internal CSR campaign, we were very proud to be part of this video and the 60 years of heritage that comes along with it.

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