NUFF Global project (supported by Minor Foundation for Major Challenges)
Documentary; Canada 2007; 14'00
Director and Producer: Lindsay Robles
Camera: Lindsay Robles, Ben McGuire, Sean Lavoy, Jordan Eady
Chunyee Vixsaysouk
Edit: Lindsay Robles, Sean Lavoy
Music: Sean Lavoy
Audio Post-Production: Bryce Janssens, Paper Scissor Media
Maps: Chunyee Vixaysouk
Animation: Lindsay Robles, Sean Lavoy
Grip: Tom MacNeill

Canada is being devoured. Its enemy: the Mountain Pine Beetle, an insect no larger than a grain of rice. Aided by a changing climate, the beetle population has exploded over the past decade, leaving a wake of dead pine – some 9 million hectares (roughly the size of Iceland) - in its path. The rapid and wide-ranging tree mortality will have significant environmental, economic, and social ramifications for generations to come. It is the first large-scale ecology-altering event of the climate change century.

Lindsay Robles and his friends Sean Lavoy and Ben McGuire spent the Canadian winter traveling through the vast interior of British Columbia to capture this strange phenomenon. With shocking aerial photography and insightful interviews with Canada’s foremost authorities on the subject, Mountain Pine Beetle: A Climate Change Catastrophe brings a warning to the world: climate change is real, it’s happening, and impacts are being felt today. The short-length documentary will have its international debut at the 2007 NUFF Global Climate Change Challenge, taking place in Tromsø, Norway from June 4-11.

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