Trailer for the upcoming short movie "Once In A Blue Pill"

Director – Lance Reenstierna

Executive Producer – Jeffrey Paolone
Producer – Lance Reenstierna
Co-Producer – Joshua F. Leonard
Co-Producer – Jason A. Wooley
Associate Producer – Anthony Emma
Associate Producer – Robin Emma
Associate Producer – Jonathan Emma
Associate Producer – Vincent Paolone
Associate Producer – Elizabeth Paolone
Associate Producer – Gina Colombo

Written By – Lance Reenstierna

First Assistant Director – Jeffrey Paolone
Second Assistant Director – Jason A. Wooley

Director Of Photography – Joshua F. Leonard

Edited By – Lance Reenstierna

"Blue Moon" By - Anjù

Camera Operator – Tony Colapietro

Grip/Gaffer – Walter Stone

Audio Engineering – Jonathan Santarelli

Hair and Makeup – Morgan Duffy
Asst. Hair and Makeup - Lauren St. Hilaire

Special Effects Makeup – Ben Bornstein

Bone Ranger – Jeffrey Paolone

Assistant to Tony Moran – David Langill
Hospitality for Tony Moran – Susan Shields Darian

Production Assistant – Leeza Faynzilberg
Production Assistant – Aaron Weiss
Production Assistant – Michael Carlson
Production Assistant – Maria Leger
Production Assistant – Grant Savastano
Production Assistant – Genevieve Chason
Production Assistant – John Murray
Production Assistant – Lisa Maconochie
Production Assistant – Sarah Gleason

Casting Assistant – Kerrianne Lynch
Casting Assistant – Kimberly Ring
Casting Assistant – Julie Sullivan


DR. Kessler – Tony Moran
Mark Goodman – Tim Pilleri
Ally – Maria Natapov
Molly – Audrey Claire Johnson
TV Reporter – Jen Royle
TV Reporter – Jessica Moran
TV Reporter – Liz Eng
Street Preacher – Brett Johnson
Stevie – Caralyne Fondulis
Magnus – David Langill
TV Cameraman – Jason Wooley
TV Cameraman – Mark Weiner
Barista 1 – Genevieve Chason
Barista 2 – Leeza Faynzilberg
Coffee Shop Customer 1 – Lorrie Bacon
Coffee Shop Customer 2 – Jonathan “Smallz” Emma
Coffee Shop Customer 3 – Robin Emma
Coffee Shop Customer 4 – Steve Neary
Coffee Shop Customer 5 – Vincent Paolone
Coffee Shop Customer 6 – Elizabeth Paolone
Coffee Shop Customer 7 – Demetria Walter
Coffee Shop Customer 8 – Jada Allen
Coffee Shop Customer 9 – JJ Long
Coffee Shop Customer 10 – James Lewis
Police Officer 1 – Brian Gentry
Police Officer 2 – Rob Reidy
Police Officer 3 – Zach Goyne
Street Preacher Acolyte – Jonathan Emma
Rabid Dog – Truman C. Royle
Chaos Lot Extra – Maria Leger
Chaos Lot Extra – Sean Quill
Chaos Lot Extra – Vivianne Quill
Chaos Lot Extra - Dorina Leger
Chaos Lot Extra – Mark Vogel
Chaos Lot Extra – Courtney Dos Santos
Chaos Lot Extra – Sergio Dos Santos
Chaos Lot Extra – Margaret Vosburgh
Chaos Lot Extra – Jonathan Walsh
Chaos Lot Extra – Genevieve Chason
Chaos Lot Extra – Leeza Faynzilberg
Chaos Lot Extra – John Murray
Chaos Lot Extra – Lisa Maconochie
Chaos Lot Extra – Aaron Weiss
Chaos Lot Extra – Grant Savastano

Catering Provided By
Roche Bros, Marshfield and Burlington MA
Boloco, Boston MA
Tavern Restaurant, Marshfield MA

Equipment Rentals Provided By
Talamas, Newton MA

Special Thank You To:
Susan Shields Darian
Chief Phil Tavarez and the Marshfield Police Department
Bill Last Jr. and The Marshfield Tavern, Marshfield MA
Steve Webster and Success Real Estate, Marshfield MA
Dude Whatshisname and Sip Café, Boston MA
Frankie Stavrianopoulos and District Restaurant and Lounge, Boston MA

Thank You to our backers:
Robert Hartmann
Cory Anderson
Daniel Niederman
Corrie Marinaro
Kevin Langley
Kenderin Sonneville
Roderick Wilmore
John Brosnan
Matthew Dugan
Brad Siskavich
Chad and J9
Seth Cagiuolo
Susan Tarallo
Steve Marra
Leslie Gorman Trentalange
Marc Gaughen
Bill Anastas
Melissa Kent Krueger
Aaron Vanderoof
Jason Flynn
Jessica McLaughlin
Michael Devine
Cathy & Davis Saporito
Francis Silvestri
Bryan Belmore
Erich Krueger
Rosemary DeFelice
Steve & Lynn Saporito
Paul Reifenberg
Michael Carter
John Connors
Courtney Smith
Laurence Beversluis
Vincent Puleo
Jaaffar Ismail
Ryan “Brick” Wooley
Amy and Mike Iger
Jeffrey Porzio
Alicia Smith
Paula Simi
Christopher Kulig
Devin Hill

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