GHOST Music Video Promo for San Diego metal band, Gus McArthur.

Imagine Mike Myers from Halloween & "It" from Stephen King's classic horror film combined in one music video. A ghostly maniacal romp with a Greco-Roman twist ending! Enjoy!

LOG LINE: Four musicians on their way to a late night band meeting are subjected to strange phantasmic forces that propel them on a late night supernatural journey. It’s the strangest night they have ever encountered, one they will never forget.

VIDEO NOTES: This video was shot in 3 nights, during the wee hours in downtown San Diego. We had our share of lonesome evening stragglers attracting themselves to our set like a moth to a flame. Some interesting nights to say the least! This is the debut music video for the up and coming (classical inspired) metal/rap band Gus McArthur based out of San Diego.


(c) Sophia Segal Films / Super Marionette Productions 10/3/2013
(c) Evolution Square LLC.

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