Enterprises that offer Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are able to provide their customers with clear benefits over on-premise software - lower upfront costs, simplified IT infrastructure and painless updates.

However, security and compliance are the #1 inhibitors to enterprises building SaaS applications. Unlike the old days of selling boxed software, where securing the on-premise environment was your customer’s problem, as a SaaS provider, you now need to be responsible for the security of your entire SaaS infrastructure stack. At the same time, the vast majority of security tools at your disposal were never designed for this new agile, elastic model and are therefore inflexible and unable to cope. Ultimately, poor security choices can impact your SaaS business, slowing down sales opportunities, and hurting customer trust and company brand.

But a new breed of security architecture has now emerged. Born in the cloud and purpose-built to secure SaaS environments, these security-as-a-service solutions automate security and compliance monitoring, and are built to support the scalability, portability and depth of protection you need to secure these elastic environments.

Want to learn more? Join Dave Shackleford, Lead Faculty at IANS and Rand Wacker, VP of Products for CloudPassage, for a free webinar on ‘Security Architectures that work for, not against, your SaaS business’.

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