In 2012 I made a film called THE DECELERATORS, a sci-fi short about a group of people who invent a machine that slows down time. Little did I know that across the world, in Germany, a design student named Lorenz Potthast was actually working on one. His DECELERATOR HELMET shows its users the world around them... but in slow motion. When I found out about his project I got in touch and we began a mutually appreciative email correspondence. Then, in September 2013, I found out that our projects had been programmed together at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York. I was heading to New York for a wedding and Lorenz was showing up a couple weeks before the festival for the Fast Company design awards (which he won!) and we had one day of overlap. So, I figured, why not take the Decelerator Helmet to the streets with a camera and combine our two visions of Decelerating?

If you want to see my film and Lorenz's original helmet demo, come out to the Impermanence of Memory program at the festival, on Saturday, October 12.

Here's the trailer for my film:
And here's more info about Lorenz's project:

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