short film by Donald Bull
produced by Donald Bull and Robin Berlin

Dodgeball is the story of Rose, a new employee at a ruthless company in which success is based on how well one plays in the weekly company dodgeball game. It is corporate team building taken to the extreme.

Anyone who played dodgeball as a kid remembers either loving it or hating it. Combine that game with the corporate business world and you have the essence of "Dodgeball", life's most brutal game.

Dodgeball has been in over 36 film festivals around the world, including the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, and won first place in the Best Short Film Category in four festivals, including:

Best Comedy Short at the Breckenridge Film Festival
Gold Award for Best Comedy Short, Houston WorldFest
Audience Award for Best Short Film, Empire State Film Festival

35mm, 20 minutes long

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