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This is a collection of four tracks that all fall under the categories of Ambient Electronica, Chill Out, Relaxing Music and Atmospheric Soundscapes. They are all very melodic, moody and beautiful sounding. This is 4 royalty free tracks that total 15 minutes of music for a special discounted price. All of these tracks are perfect for -

- Ambient Cinematic Music - Videos to do with Animals, Nature, Exploration, the Outdoors - Technology and Futuristic Projects - Fantasy and Video Game Music - Relaxation, Spas, Hotels and Meditational Videos - Short independent films, Vimeo, youtube, etc.

List of tracks -

1.Snowy Forest -- 5:15
A chill out electronica track that has the themes of autumn and winter, emotional travels and epic background music.

2.Bliss -- 4:21 (in this preview it is 8 minutes because of a variation, please visit the original item page to see what is included)
An ambient chill soundscape with the theme of relaxing and meditating in nature or animals frolicking in their natural habitat -- complete with birds chirping and water in the background -- the variation includes a version with no added sound fx.

3. When the Universe Talks -- 4:00
A psychedelic ambient soundscape with the themes of space travel, the future, emotions, reunions and peaceful dreams.

4.Alien Sci-Fi Fantasy World -- 2:34
This is a mysterious alien sounding soundscape that is more suited for fantasy projects and video game backgrounds. it has a magical psychedelic spiritual vibe.

Produced by Kabbalistic Village - Menachem Engel
If you have any questions feel free to send me a message!

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