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There are many VDSLR rigs out there. None is perfect and to my opinion, none is really functioning as a “smart rig”, meaning, letting me seamlessly and comfortably work with a VDSLR on the shoulder “documentary style” when needed.
In the above video I’m sharing my experimental VDSLR advanced rig configuration. Far from being perfect yet very much functional.

Notes concerning this rig:
-Canon’s VDSLR camera “info button”must be toggled off in order to avoid any data being recorded on the Atomos Ninja2. In result, the image being output to the EVF has no info too so the camera operator can not see relevant info like the red recording dot and aperture settings.
-Ikan’s USB trigger is not very robust and in a way I doubt its build quality. In addition, its button layout are not making the camera operator's life any easy. It will take you some time getting used to its functionality. Saying all the above, it is the only reasonable USB camera remote trigger out there.
-Canon VDSLRs will usually not output audio through the HDMI connector , meaning, the video recorded on the Ninja2 is without audio (can be synced later in post with the audio recorded on camera).

Research for better connectivity and camera control methods will continue.....

Music: The music bed, Beautiful Day – Instrumental by Joshua Radin

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